Plant-mediated interactions between omnivores, herbivores and predators in food webs


25June2018 14:00 - 15:00

PhD defence ceremony

Xiaoning Zhang studies plant-mediated interactions between omniverous predatos, herbivores and predator species. She investigates the ecological consequences of plant responses induced by the omniverous predator insect Macrolophus pygmaeus on a community of plants, herbivores and their natural enemies.

X. Zhang: What Omnivores Don’t Eat: Nonconsumptive Ecological Effects of Phytophagy by Macrolophus Pygmaeus. 


Prof. A.R.M. Janssen

Prof. P.C. de Ruite


Dr G.J. Messelink (Wageningen Universiteit en Researchcentrum)


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This event is open to the public.

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