Endowed Professor of Modern Greek Studies (Marilena Laskaridis Chair)

Faculty of Humanities – Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures

Publication date
4 April 2017
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Not applicable
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4 May 2017
7,6 hours per week
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Job description

Character and content of the Chair

The Endowed Marilena Laskaridis Chair of Modern Greek Studies has been established on 7 March 2017 in the Faculty of Humanities by the Dutch Society of Modern Greek Studies (NGNS) through a decision of the Executive Board. The NGNS foundation aims to promote research and education of the Modern Greek language, literature, history and culture, as well as related cultures relevant to the Greek world, and aims to fulfil this by establishing a chair at the University of Amsterdam in the field of Modern Greek Studies. A major contribution to financing the Endowed Chair is by the Aikaterini Laskaridis foundation, which aims to promote Greek arts and letters as well as maritime tradition and history. As an active and lively Greek cultural and educational organization, it sponsors and supports a large number of initiatives both in Greece and abroad. Additionally, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus has contributed to funding this chair. Hence, the chair will cover the culture of Cyprus as well.

The Endowed Chair focuses on the study of modern Greece and Cyprus. The Netherlands has a long history in scientific research and education in the field of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, starting in 1893. The University of Amsterdam is the only university in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg housing specialized research in the study of Byzantine and Modern Greek culture incessantly from 1947 until today. The Endowed Chair is established as a means to promote the importance of the Modern Greek Studies and to reinforce the visibility of this field in the Benelux (and even in Western Europe). The chair will also contribute to the accessibility and further dissemination of the Modern Greek and Cypriot cultural heritage. The endowed professor is responsible for initiating, conducting and supervising research in this field of study and for teaching with a focus on topical aspects of the modern Greek culture and its interconnectedness with other cultures from a transnational perspective.

The chair forms part of the capacity group Romance languages and cultures of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures.

Teaching and research

The endowed chair will contribute to the teaching in the field of Modern Greek Studies, European Studies, Heritage Studies, Cultural Studies and Literary Studies and will teach classes that pertain to the chair’s designated field. Besides offering optional subjects in the Bachelor and Master level, thesis supervision is part of the teaching responsibilities (for the complete educational programme of the faculty, please see our Study Guide). In addition, she/he will have a major role in attracting and supervising PhD candidates and will participate in scientific networks for related research.

The endowed professor will conduct research in the designated field and publish in professional journals and in more popular media. The research will be placed in the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR).


The endowed professor’s tasks are generally the following:

• teaching in the field of Modern Greek Studies;

• supervision of theses (BA and MA);

• conducting research and supervising doctoral research;

• attracting research grants (in collaboration);

• acting as a link between the NGNS, the contributing partners, and the University of Amsterdam;

• ensuring the widest possible promotion of the chair through an active presence inside and outside the UvA;

• contributing to initiatives of the NGNS in order to attain funding for its academic activities. 


The endowed professor meets the following requirements:

  • a PhD in the field of humanities;
  • excellent research skills, proven by an academic dissertation and other high-quality international academic publications and other activities;
  • proven expertise in the field of Modern Greek Studies (cultural studies, literary studies or history);
  • proven capacity through his/her research and/or academic activities to study Greek culture and literature in transnational frameworks and in comparative perspective and to connect Greek culture and literature with wider academic and social issues;
  • good international contacts with other scholars in the field of Modern Greek Studies;
  • thorough command of Dutch, Modern Greek and English. Any deficiency in the knowledge of any of these three languages should be offset within two years after appointment;
  • good teaching skills (an enthusiastic, inspiring and engaging teacher) proven by relevant work experience in an institution of higher education and research;
  • excellent communication skills and management and leadership qualities;
  • ability to function as a link between the NGNS, the contributing partners, and the University of Amsterdam.

Further information

Requests for further information may be addressed to:


The endowed professor should be available one day a week, on average, to carry out the work of the endowed professorship. The endowed professorship does not lead to an appointment at either the foundations mentioned before or at the UvA and does not offer an official salary. However, an amount of maximum €20.000 per year is available to cover the costs associated with the chair, to be spent in consultation with the Trustees, and to secure the availability of the endowed professor. The endowed professorship cannot be combined with employment at the Faculty of Humanities of the UvA. The endowed professor is appointed for a period of five years.   

Job application

The endowed professor is selected by the Trustees of the endowed chair. The Board of Trustees, which may be assisted by one or more consultants during the selection, consists of the following members: Prof. A.F. van Gemert, Prof. J.T. Leerssen and Prof. A.P. Versloot. The Board of Trustees makes a recommendation to the Board of the Dutch Society of Modern Greek Studies (NGNS), which requires the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and of the Executive Board of the UvA. A public trial lecture may be part of the application process.

Candidates are invited to submit their application no later than 4 May 2017 to the Trustees of the endowed chair Nieuwgriekse Studies/Modern Greek Studies. The application file must consist of:

  • a letter of motivation;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a list of publications;
  • three key publications which according to the applicant best support her/his application (in pdf-format; in case of a book please indicate one chapter as representative);
  • a brief proposal for a research project in the context of the chair;
  • a brief proposal for a course syllabus in the context of the chair.

The application can be sent digitally, in pdf-format, to mr. H.A. Mulder, citing vacancy reference number 17-156. #LI-DNP

No agencies please

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