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Media Studies

Media are all-surrounding, both constituting and affecting how we navigate and make sense of the world, distribute information and shape our culture with their stories, programmes, representations, formats, exhibitions, repositories and data. The Media Studies Department of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam offers both depth and diversity in its approaches to the study of media, with a wide range of academic offerings and research interests for the digital age and how it came into being. There are two larger, academic programmes of study in Media Studies, which focus on different key aspects of the development and impact of media: Media and Culture and Media and Information.

Bachelor's programmes

Bachelor's Media and Culture

Bachelor's Media and Information

Bachelor's Media and Culture

One-year Master's programmes

Master's New Media and Digital Culture

Master's Film Studies

Master's Television and Cross-Media Culture

Master's Archival and Information Studies (Heritage Studies)

Selective (Dual and Research) Master's programmes

Master's Archival and Information Studies (Heritage Studies)

Master Journalistiek en media

Master's Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image

Research Master's Media Studies