Communication Science

The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) is the research institute for communication scholars and PhD students in Communication Studies at the University of Amsterdam. 


Research at ASCoR is organized in four Program Groups, outlined here:

PhD programme

The conduct of a research project by PhD students is central to ASCoR’s PhD program.

The research project is based on a proposal that is usually written by one or more senior ASCoR faculty, but in some cases by the PhD candidate him/herself.  For a list of current PhD projects see the link below:

For more information about doing PhD research at ASCoR, check the PhD research page on the website of ASCoR:

Research Priority Area: Communication

The Research Priority Area (RPA) Communication puts questions about the effects of media and communication center place. The RPA is guided by a shared empirical focus on the contents, uses and consequences of media and communication. It pioneers in a renewal of media effects theorizing and it aims to contribute to communication science theories, while also interacting with other disciplines.

Published by  ASCoR

25 February 2015