dr. R.H. (Rutger) de Graaf

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    CW : Corporate Communication
  • Visit address:
  • Postal address:
    Nieuwe Achtergracht  166
    1018 WV  Amsterdam
  • R.H.deGraaf@uva.nl

Experience and interests

Corporate Communication, Reputation and Stakeholder management, Evidence-based Public Relations, Storytelling, Corporate Social Responsibility Management



I have a deep and abiding interest in communication: its theory, science, history and practical application. I believe in reinforcing sustainable relationships between stakeholders, through transparency and evidence-based P.R. This envelops the use of research, knowledge sharing and the implementation of CSR projects as crucial tools for corporate storytelling.



  • R.H. de Graaf (2009). Mediatization of local politics in pamphlets and newspapers. In H. Wijfjes & G. Voerman (Eds.), Mediatization of Politics in History (Groningen Studies in Cultural Change, 35) (pp. 151-167). Leuven: Peeters.


  • R.H. de Graaf (2008). Voor ieder wat wils: journalistieke genres. TS : Tijdschrift voor Tijdschriftstudies, 4-19.
  • R.H. de Graaf (2008). De digitale eeuw: Tempo. De achttiende eeuw.


  • C. Dingemanse & R. de Graaf (2011). Dutch literary journalism: from pamphlet to newspaper (ca. 1600-1900). In J.S. Bak & B. Reynolds (Eds.), Literary journalism across the globe: journalistic traditions and transnational (pp. 95-117). Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press.


  • R.H. de Graaf (2010). Nederlandse journalistiek in pamfletten was zijn tijd ver vooruit. De Nieuwe Reporter.


  • R.H. de Graaf (2013). Pluim van de Facultaire studentenraad. Recognition.
  • R.H. de Graaf (2013). Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award. Apereo Conference 2013: San Diego. Recognition.
  • R.H. de Graaf (2012). Teaching Award Preparatory Program Communication Science. Recognition.
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