English language and culture

At English the  teaching programme is aimed at getting students to write their own research papers as early as possible whilst gradually broadening their knowledge of the field through course modules that build on one another. For example: in the field of Literature and Culture students start to learn the tools of the trade by analysing some of the most popular texts from all genres and ages before embarking on a series of survey courses that cover the entire field of Anglophone literature and literary theory, from Shakespeare until today. In the field of linguistics the programme covers the most important sub-branches of the discipline, ranging from phonology and syntax (both practical and theoretical) in the first year to the use of language in different social, historical and pragmatic settings at the end of the second. The culmination of the programme is the final research thesis, in which students explore in depth an academic topic of their own choice. Students are actively encouraged to go abroad during their third year. The UvA has long established connections with the universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Dublin, Barcelona, Zurich and Kopenhagen and many other British universities through the national ‘Harting’ scheme.

Published by  Faculty of Humanities

7 March 2016