European Studies


European Studies

European Studies at the University of Amsterdam offers one bachelor’s programme and four master’s programmes.

Bachelor's programme 

In the bachelor’s programme in European Studies you study contemporary Europe in all its historical and cultural diversity. This programme will provide you with an overview of the politics, economics and law of the European Union (EU), while also introducing you to Europe’s history, literature and culture. Such a broad perspective is crucial to making sense of the challenges facing Europe today, such as the euro crisis, the questions posed by multi-cultural societies, and the role of the EU in, for instance, its relations with the Ukraine and Russia. The bachelor’s programme is offered in both Dutch and English.

Master's programmes

The master’s programmes in European Studies cover four distinct fields. Identity and Integration teaches the realities and impact of European cultural diversity and identity. Governing Europe is a specialisation that is designed to provide deep understanding of European policies and institutions. Policies and instititions are also covered by the selective master’s programme European Policy, which adds a focus on practical skills and includes an internship. Finally, East European Studies is a interdisciplinary programme that provides expert knowledge on East-West relations and East European and Russian history and politics. All master’s programmes are taught in English.

Published by  Faculty of Humanities

20 November 2018