Cross–linguistic influence (in multilingualism): interdisciplinary approaches

13Jan2017 09:45 - 18:30


On Friday 13 January dr. Elma Blom, prof. dr. Leonie Cornips en prof. dr. Jeanette Schaeffer will organize a workshop with the title Cross–linguistic influence (in multilingualism): interdisciplinary approaches. Sponsors: Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication and Meertens Institute. For the programme see below. For downloading the programme with the abstracts click the link below.


  • 9.45 - 10.00: Coffee & Opening
  • 10.00 – 10.25: Elma Blom, Leonie Cornips, and Jeannette Schaeffer
    Introduction to the workshop: Cross–linguistic influence in bilingualism
  • 10.25 – 10.50: Aafke Hulk
    Cross-linguistic influence: Back to Mueller & Hulk (2000)(2001)
  • 10.50 – 11.15: Sharon Unsworth, Chantal van Dijk, and Ton Dijkstra
    Re-examining cross-linguistic influence in bilingual acquisition: A retrospective, prospective and introspective review
  • 11.15 – 11.30: Break
  • 11.30 – 11.55: Leonie Cornips and Frans Gregersen
    Comparative studies of variation in the use of grammatical gender in the Danish and Dutch DP in the spontaneous speech of youngsters: free versus bound morphemes
  • 11.55 – 12.20: Theodoros Marinis, Vasiliki Chondrogianni, Nada Vasic, Fred Weerman, and Elma Blom
    Cross-linguistic differences in the production and processing of gender in bilingual children and children with SLI
  • 12.20 – 12.55: Susanne Brouwer, Deniz Özkan, and Aylin C. Küntay
    Semantic prediction in monolingual and bilingual children
  • 12.55 – 14.10: Lunch
  • 14.10 – 14.35: Philippe Prévost, Laurice Tuller, Anne Galloux, and Marie Anne Barthez
    Complexity and production/comprehension asymmetries in the acquisition of wh-questions in French: Comparing second language acquisition and language impairment in children
  • 14.35 – 15.00: Petra Sleeman and Tabea Ihsane
    The L2 acquisition of the French quantitative pronoun en by L1 learners of Dutch: Vulnerable domains and cross-linguistic influence
  • 15.00 – 15.25: Brechje van Osch, Suzanne Aalberse, Aafke Hulk, and Petra Sleeman
    Cross-linguistic influence of Dutch on subject position in heritage Spanish
  • 15.25 – 15.50: Luisa Meroni, Liz Smeets and Sharon Unsworth
    Cross-linguistic Influence in Scope Ambiguity: Evidence for Acceleration
  • 15.50 – 16.05: Break
  • 16.05 – 16.30: Antonella Sorace
    L1 attrition and L2 acquisition: Exploring the connections
  • 16.30 – 16.55: Suzanne Aalberse, Yiwen Zou, and Sible Andringa
    A language without articles in contact with a language with articles: Comparing the encoding of already mentioned referents in two generations of Mandarin Chinese speakers in the Netherlands
  • 16.55 - 17.20: David Miller, Vincent DeLuca, Denny Berndt, Michael Iverson, and Jason Rothman
    Subtle aspectual differences in the L2 acquisition of German: The case progressivity
  • 17.30: Reception Spinhuis, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185


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