Political Science

Programme groups

Research Political Science is organised in 3 Programme Groups. 

Research institute

The programme groups Political Science are part of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR). AISSR unites all Social Science Research at the University of Amsterdam (in the disciplines of Sociology, Geography, Planning & Development studies, Political science and Anthropology). 

Research Centres

The Political Science programme groups cooperate with other programme groups in the social sciences in multidisciplinary centres. 

Research Priority Areas

Political Science has developed a strong position within the Research Priority Areas of the University of Amsterdam: cutting-edge international research representing the best the UvA has to offer. A wide and growing number of Department members participate and take leading positions in these Priority Areas, including ACCESS EUROPE, Communication, Institutions and Inequality, and Urban Studies.

Interested in a PhD in Political Science?

For questions about PhD Trajectories you can refer to the research institute: or go to: AISSR website  

Published by  AISSR

15 September 2015