Deliciae Fictiles V

15Mar2018 17Mar2018


Networks and Workshops. Fifth International Conference on Architectural Terracottas and Decorative Roof Systems in Naples, Italy

Conference theme

The conference aims to discuss the network between patron elites and specialized craft communities that were responsible for the sophisticated terracotta decoration of temples in Italy between 600 and 100 BC. It focuses on the mobility of craft people and craft traditions and techniques, asking how images, iconographies, practices and materials can be used to explain the organization of ancient production, distribution and consumption. Special attention will be given to relations with the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece and Anatolia).

The conference will be held at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, 15-17 March 2018, to be followed by an excursion to Paestum 18 March.

Organizing Committee

Patricia Lulof, University of Amsterdam
Carlo Rescigno, Università degli Studi della Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’
Ilaria Manzini, University of Amsterdam (scientific secretary)
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