Museum Objects as Evidence

Approaches to the Material World

09July2018 20July2018


In this Summer School programme you will examine objects from a range of disciplinary perspectives, consider the types of information they generate and unravel the stories they can tell. Experts in the field will provide you with an exclusive and in-depth look behind the scenes in the conservation studios, science laboratories and museum departments where they operate.

The purpose of this Summer School is to introduce you to the notion of objects of cultural heritage as sources of information. Over the course of two weeks, you will be led through a series of object-driven examinations of pieces from the Rijksmuseum and other collections by a team of researchers, curators, conservators and scientists from the Rijksmuseum, the Conservation Department of the University of Amsterdam and the Bard Graduate Center (New York City). Prof. dr. Ella Hendriks of the Conservation and Restoration department at the UvA is the academic director of the summer school programme.

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