Conservation and Restoration

Colourlab shows research of conservation and reconstruction of colour

13 November 2015

On 28 October an exposition has opened at the UvA’s Special Collections that includes an interactive Colourlab. The lab shows the latest research techniques for conservation and reconstruction of coloured objects. It is part of the exposition 'Looking for Van Santen & the colours of the Golden Age'.

Led by professor Maarten van Bommel (partly appointed at HIMS) staff and students of the UvA programme Conservation and Restauration were closely involved with putting the ColourLab together. The lab offers a view of the research process from both a humanities as a sciences perspective. It shows that you need chemical analytical research to say something about the original materials, followed by reconstruction research to see how these materials ultimately determine the colour. In addition, the degradation of pigments is studied in the lab. With this information, a discoloured piece of furniture can be illuminated with coloured lights, bringing back the original colour.

UvA students and staff can visit the exposition free of charge.

Published by  Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture