Conservation and Restoration

Call for Papers: Second Issue ICAR

14 March 2017

The International Journal of Young Conservators and Restorers of Works of Art (ICAR) calls for papers for the second issue of the journal. ICAR is dedicated to students and recent graduates of conservation and restoration of works of art and related disciplines from universities and conservation schools in Poland and abroad.

Being able to demonstrate published scientific papers is often an important factor taken into consideration while accepting candidates for internships, exchanges, work placements, for positions in the private sector as well as by prestigious public institutions like scientific research centres, museums, galleries, universities or disposing grants for research studies. ICAR is the response to the students’ and young professionals’ desire to publish their own research in professional journals.

ICAR is a place to learn, discover and develop and invites students and young professionals to share their academic achievements with the worldwide community of emerging conservators. The deadline for submitting papers is 31 March 2017.

Published by  Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture