Call for Emotion Methodology workshop

4 November 2016

Emotions are messy and slippery. Despite our efforts, they can evade capture. This workshop aims to bring together UvA researchers at various levels and across disciplines and theoretical and methodological backgrounds in order to answer the question: how can we research emotions?

Most research on emotions has been conducted on an individual and interpersonal level. Psychologists have examined the neural, experiential, cognitive and bodily basis of emotions, and the way in which emotions are expressed. Emotions are often immediate response to a discrete event, experienced in isolation from each other and cognitions. Sociologists—looking outside the laboratory—have focused on the management of emotion, often at the expense of its experiential and nonconscious aspects.

Emotions might transcend the individual and interpersonal level to operate within larger collectives. They might operate as ambiguous underlying states that can stir citizens’ reactions or behaviors without awareness. Some further questions that will guide the workshop:

  • How do we tease apart multiple emotions and cognitions?
  • How do we capture the messy, overlapping, and simultaneous nature of emotions in lived experiences?
  • How do we define and measure emotions at the collective level?
  • How do we know emotion when we see it in texts and visual material?
  • How are emotions embedded in the research process itself, including feelings of curiosity and surprise?

Attendees should bring a piece of relevant data from their own research that they think might have 'emotive' possibilities – an interview excerpt, passage from field notes, film clip, photograph/image, survey questions, questionnaire vignette, etc.

Confirmed attendees/presenters: Christian Bröer (field observations), Marci Cottingham (audio diaries), Rebecca Erickson (diaries & survey design), Agneta Fischer (facial/vocal expressions), Imrat Verhoeven (news articles), and Don Weenink (video analysis).

Time and place of the workshop

16 December 13:00-17:00, REC B3.02
rsvp by 2 December to:

Organized as part of the Institutions & Emotions Faculteitshoogleraarschap.

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