Creative Imperfections

In search for the non-polished, the punky, the erratic and the raw

28Nov2013 14:15 - 17:00


In our digitized and globalized world, creative professionals embrace the non-polished, the punky, the erratic, and the raw as a hallmark of authentic human expression. Why?


Four experts in noise art, low-tech design, and punk film and music ponder today’s craving for the imperfect. Followed by Q&A.


Contributions by:

Caleb Kelly

(University of New South Wales; author "Cracked Media")

Renny Ramakers

(co-founder and director Droog Design)

Nicholas Rombes

(University of Detroit Mercy; author "New Punk Cinema")

Yngvar Steinholt

(University of Tromso; author "Screams of the Excluded")


When: Thursday 28 November 2103, 2:15-5 pm

Where: Castrum Peregrini, Herengracht 401, 1017 BP Amsterdam


Published by  Faculty of Humanities