UvA Matching for international students

What is UvA Matching?

UvA Matching is an introduction to the Bachelor’s programme you are applying for. It is designed to help you assess whether you have chosen the right programme, through a combination of online activities such as assignments, reading course literature and/or making a test. The activities may differ per programme.

Once you have completed these activities, you will receive personal advice based on your test results. This will help you determine whether the Bachelor’s programme matches your interests and capabilities and whether you have the motivation and study skills to start the programme in September.

After submitting your application enrolment in Studielink you will receive information on how to register for UvA Matching.

Who is it for?

Participation in UvA Matching for international students is mandatory for prospective students who have applied for a non-selective Bachelor’s programme at the UvA and who have completed their prior education at a non-Dutch educational institution. This includes prospective students applying with an International Baccalaureate (IB), obtained in the Netherlands.

Please note: If you completed your prior education at a Dutch educational institution, you will do UvA Matching at one of our campuses. Read more about UvA Matching for students with Dutch prior education (in Dutch).

When will it take place?

The dates for UvA Matching differ per programme. You can find the dates per programme on the individual programme pages.

Selective Bachelor’s programmes

The UvA offers three selective programmes taught in English:

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College),
  • Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE)
  • Psychology.

These programmes have a specific selection procedure of their own. If you apply for one of these programmes you don’t need to participate in UvA Matching for international students.


If you have any questions, you can contact the Student Service Desk.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

31 August 2017