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As in many major European cities, the demand for reasonably priced housing in Amsterdam is very high. Affordable housing available to UvA students is therefore limited. Students in general are advised to start looking for accommodation as early as possible. For our international students, each year we reserve a range of furnished accommodation in Amsterdam with different housing corporations.

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Housing for international students

  • To assist international students in finding accommodation, the University has agreements with various housing corporations. These corporations offer furnished accommodation to students for one or maximum two semesters.There is a limited number of non-furnished rooms available for Bachelor’s and two-year Master’s students for the total duration of their studies as well.
  • In total, the UvA has more than 2,200 rooms to allot to international students.
  • The rent for these rooms varies according to type, size and location. Students cannot apply for rooms themselves, but must be invited by their faculties. You can read all about the application and room reservation procedure in the menu on the left (Room reservation procedure).
  • Of course, students are free to search for accommodation on the private market. Look in the menu on the left (Finding accommodation) for more information and advice on finding a room on your own.

Student rooms

Student housing locations

  • The university accommodations are located in different areas of Amsterdam and Diemen. Room types and locations range from a flat with other students in the South East of the city to small scale accommodation in the city centre.
  • All student buildings can be reached easily by public transport or by bike. You cannot apply for a specific location, but you will either receive a room offer, or you will be invited to search the housing corporation’s databases for available rooms.
  • For more information on rooms at specific locations, you can check the websites of housing corporations in the menu on the left (Upon arrival). 
  • Read more about the neighbourhoods in general. You can find this info in the menu on the left (Amsterdam neighbourhoods). 

Housing corporations

  • De Key and DUWO are non-profit social housing corporations located in Amsterdam.
  • De Key owns more than 37,000 rental unit; 7,000 of which are rented to (mainly Dutch) students. Around 1,400 rooms with different types of facilities are made available for short-term leases to international students at the UvA.
  • DUWO is the oldest and biggest student accommodator in the Netherlands, and rents out approximately 30,000 units, mainly to (Dutch) students. In Amsterdam, the UvA reserves approximately 1,000 rooms to accommodate international students.

Dutch students

Additional housing options are available for Dutch citizens. Please use the link below for information in English as well as in Dutch.

Long-term housing

The UvA can only arrange long-term housing for PhD students. For more information on long-term housing, read further through the link below.

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International Student Affairs / Housing

21 February 2018