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Private health insurance

Private health insurance covering the issues mentioned below will suffice for international students who are not employed. It is mandatory for every student to be covered for health care expenses. Non-EU students that need to obtain a residence permit trough the UvA are required to have a general liability insurance as well.


Several private insurance companies such as Aon Student Insurance offer sufficient coverage for international students:

  • Medical conditions
  • Psychological conditions
  • Medical costs for a minimum of €500,000
  • Liability
  • Costs made due to HIV/Aids

Follow the link below to learn more about AON Student Insurance Complete+.

AON’s Student Insurance ICS Complete+

Registered address

If you wish to purchase this insurance and you do not have an address yet, you can use the address of UvA Student Services:

  • UvA Student Services
    P.O. Box 15832
    1001 NH Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
  • Please note that the Student Services address is for initial registration purposes only. UvA Student Services does not forward any postal mail received by AON, so you need to adjust the registered address as soon as you have arrived in the Netherlands.

Basic health insurance

Working and health insurance

The moment you start a (part-time) job, you will have to take out basic health care insurance.