Tuition fee payment

Direct debit (in full or by instalment)

You can arrange the direct debit payment of your tuition fees via Studielink.

What are the possibilities?

  • You can pay the tuition fees in full or in ten instalments by a direct debit authorisation.
  • If you are enrolled in a pre-Master's programme, you may pay the tuition fees in full or in five instalments.
  • You can authorise the UvA to debit the payment from your own account or you can have a third party authorise the UvA to debit the payment for the benefit of your enrolment. To do this, both you and the person paying your tuition fees will need an active DigiD.
  • It is not possible to authorise a direct debit from a foreign bank account, unless the bank is in a country which is a member of the  SEPA payment area.
  • A direct debit authorisation is only possible if your (re-) enrolment request has been processed in Studielink and you have received confirmation. So keep an eye on your  ‘to do list’  in Studielink, as well as your Inbox

What to do if you cannot authorise payment through Studielink 

If you cannot authorise payment through Studielink but you want to authorise a direct debit, submit an enquiry using the Digital Student Service Desk.

Payment by credit card or iDEAL

Make the tuition fee payment using the UvA Payment module.

Please note: credit card payments are subject to a surcharge. Please ensure that your payment is sufficient to cover the tuition fee and the surcharge. Only then will the UvA be able to process your payment.

Bank transfer

Use Studielink to check which tuition fee rate is applicable to you. You will need your DigiD or Studielink log-in details to do so.

You can transfer the tuition fee to bank account number:

  • NL26DEUT0436855232 account with the Deutsche Bank;
  • under the name of University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam.

In the bank transfer, make sure to include your student number and surname.

For international payments, you will need the following details:

  • IBAN NL26DEUT0436855232
  • BIC-code DEUTNL2N

Please ensure that, in addition to any transaction fees charged by the bank for international transfers, you have paid the tuition fees owed in full. Only then will the UvA be able to process your payment. International transfers can take about two weeks to process.

Someone else is paying your tuition fees

Your partner, parent or guardian may pay your tuition fees in one of the following ways:

  • By authorising a direct debit to pay the amount owed in full or in ten instalments via Studielink
  • Using a credit card via the Payment module
  • Using a money transfer/online banking via the Payment module

Your employer may pay your tuition fees in one of the following ways:

Whichever method you choose, please ensure we have received your payment no later than 31 August. Timely payment is your own responsibility. If we do not receive your tuition fees on time, you will not be enrolled and you will not be entitled to attend classes or receive financial assistance or reimbursement for public transport.

The UvA is paying your tuition fees

Are you employed by the UvA and will you be pursuing a study programme at the UvA, paid for by the UvA? In that case, the payment procedure for the tuition fees is described below.

  • Request an invoice for the tuition fees via the Digital Student Service Desk.
  • Request an advance payment on the tuition fees via the Self-Service Tool. Go to 'My information' > 'Advance payment request'.
  • Enter 'Advance for study costs and study programme' after 'Description' and enter the cost centre of your department (ask your supervisor/ line manager if you don't know it).
  • Enter the amount and submit your request.
  • The advance payment will be paid into your bank account within 10 working days.
  • Transfer the advance payment before 1 September to: 

                bank account number NL26DEUT0436855232 with
                Deutsche Bank in the name of: ‘University of Amsterdam’.
                State your student ID number and last name.

  • After you've received the invoice, offset the advance payment in the Self-Service Tool. Go to 'My information' > 'Offset advance'. Attach the invoice and the proof of payment.
  • Is this payment the final aspect you need to arrange before enrolment/re-enrolment? If so, check your 'My to do list' and your enrolment status in Studielink the next day.

Proof of payment

If you have already paid tuition fees at another educational institution in the Netherlands, please request a "Proof of Payment" ( Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld) from the institution. You may only submit a "Proof of Payment" as payment to the UvA if the following conditions apply:

  • You have paid a statutory fee that covers the same period at another higher education institution in the Netherlands. If the statutory fee you have paid at the other institution is lower than the fee owed to the UvA, you will have to pay the difference to the UvA.
  • You have paid the statutory tuition fees at another higher education institution in the Netherlands and you are enrolled at the UvA for a pre-Master's programme at the same time.

Please note: You cannot use a proof of payment to pay your tuition fees if you are required to pay the institutional fee to the UvA. You must then pay the full amount owed.

Please send your proof of payment (you can request this from the student administration at the institution of higher education where you have paid tuition fees), complete with your UvA student identification number, to:

University of Amsterdam 
Attn.: Central Student Administration 
PO Box 2760 
1000 CT Amsterdam

You can also personally deliver the original "Proof of payment" to the Student Service Desk.

23 November 2016