Enrolling in a programme

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The UvA has one of the largest numbers of international degree programmes of any university in Europe, with over 120 taught in English, several of which are unique to the UvA.

Service & Information Centre

If you have any questions about the enrolment procedure, contact the UvA Service & Information Centre (SIC).

Reasons to contact the Service & Information Centre (SIC) might include:

  • you wish to enrol in a different programme
  • you are enrolling after 1 September
  • you are enrolled in a Bachelor's programme and wish to continue, which means you must enrol again for the following year
  • you have completed a Bachelor's programme at the UvA and now wish to enrol in a Master's programme
  • you are enrolled in a two-year Master's programme, which means that you must enrol again for the second year.¬†

Published by  Studenten Services

10 July 2014