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Want to know what its like to be an international Master's student at the University of Amsterdam? Get to know our International Student Ambassadors, read about their experiences at the UvA and ask them your questions.

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  • Akash Raj international student ambassador 2018-2019

    Akash (India)

    Akash, from India, is a Master’s student in Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Chloe Madigan international student ambassador

    Chloe (Canada)

    Chloe, from Canada, is a Master's student in Communication Science .

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  • Filip Pastuska international student ambassador

    Filip (Poland)

    Filip, from Poland, is a Master's student in Econometrics.

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  • Haylee Kelsall international student ambassador 2018-2019

    Haylee (New Zealand)

    Haylee, from New Zealand, is a Research Master’s student in Communication Science.

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  • Ilaria Obata international student ambassador

    Ilaria (Italy)

    Ilaria, from Italy is a Master's student in Heritage Studies.

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  • Karla Hernandez

    Karla (Mexico)

    Karla, from Mexico, is a Master’s student in Communication Science.

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  • Kathryn James international student ambassador

    Kathryn (USA)

    Kathryn, from the USA is a Master's student in Medical Anthropology and Sociology.

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  • Veronika Rokavec international student ambassador

    Veronika (Slovenia)

    Veronika, from Slovenia, is a Master's student Public International Law (International and European law).

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  • Wanting Wei international student ambassador 2018-2019

    Wanting (China)

    Wanting, from China, is a pre-Master’s student in Economics and Business.

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