Exchange Express

First-hand personal experiences for your prospective exchange life.

An informative and fun digital magazine made by Exchange Ambassadors (students on exchange at the UvA and students from the UvA on exchange).

Wonder what Amsterdam is like for exchangers... exchanging from and to the UvA? The Exchange Ambassadors  have made a new lovely edition of their Exchange Express.

Read about their Best memories in Amsterdam, How to make local friends, Hot spots in Amsterdam, Tips and Tricks and more, and do the Exchange Crossword Puzzle.

About the Exchange Express

The Exchange Express is a digital magazine with student testimonials and much more for exchange students (planning their exchange) at the UvA and UvA students (going) on exchange. It's entirely made by the UvA's Exchange Ambassadors, both on Erasmus and Global exchanges. 

If you have a story you'd like to share for any upcoming editions, or a comment or question about the exchange experience in Amsterdam, please send an email to

The next Exchange Express is likely to arrive in May 2019.

Earlier editions of the Exchange Express

Published by  Studenten Services

17 December 2018