Call for proposals

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The UvA invites teaching professionals and students to prepare a session on inspirational examples, experiences and issues from their teaching practice, to be presented during the Education Day.

The UvA-wide programme committee has selected the four overarching themes listed below as a framework for the proposals to be submitted. The idea is for as many lecturers and students as possible to be given the chance to hold a session, and for all faculties to be properly represented. 

Proposals should be submitted no later than Monday, 17 April 2017, using the form below. 

The four themes

1. Opportunities for inclusive higher education

Inclusiveness and diversity are themes that feature high on the UvA's agenda. Do the teaching and study environment match the students' perceptions and expectations? What could lecturers do to develop and implement curriculums that all students can identify with and are challenged by? Are we aware of the exclusion mechanisms and how they work? What could we do to increase study success rates? What are our best practices and long-term perspectives? In short, what possibilities do we have to make higher education more inclusive?

Keywords: diversity, accessibility, matching, selection, blended learning

2. The international classroom as the new reality

The student population at the UvA is extremely diverse. The atmosphere both at the campus and in the lecture halls is becoming more and more international. Teaching at the UvA is increasingly taking place within an international classroom. What are the challenges facing degree programmes as their student populations are becoming increasingly heterogeneous? To what extent does the international classroom help students prepare for the rapidly changing and globalising labour market? And how do we deal with this new reality?

Keywords: internationalisation, curriculum, global life, global citizenship, international staff, language policy, matching, blended learning

3. An ambitious learning culture: talent development for both lecturers and students

An ambitious culture of learning is characterised by motivation, commitment and personal connection with the degree programme. What should degree programmes do to get the best out of their students? What demands does this place on students and lecturers? What do we need to be able to strengthen this ambitious academic culture, both among students and lecturers? Is an ambitious learning culture the same as a culture that promotes talent development?

Keywords: blended learning, study success rate, assessment, academic student counselling, student engagement, professionalisation of teaching

4.  What is an academic?

Strictly speaking every graduate from an UvA degree programme has had an academic formation, but what does this really mean? 'Academic development' is a multi-faceted concept. What does it mean to us within the UvA? What added value does an academic contribute to the labour market? Does the UvA have a responsibility to society in terms of academic development? 

Keywords: personal development, academic skills, critical reflection, interdisciplinary approaches, preparing for a professional career, 21st century skills

Session format

  1. Presentation and discussion
    This format involves a 10-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute discussion, with a maximum of three presentations per hour, and is especially suited to sharing best practices.
  2. Interactive workshop
    During a workshop a maximum of 20 participants tackle one of the themes through an activity lasting no more than 60 minutes. Workshops offer the possibility to engage in intensive discussion and are aimed at teaching participants specific skills.
  3. Round table
    In this format, participants are presented with a specific statement or dilemma for in-depth discussion, led by a moderator.
  4. Open format
    The programme committee is willing to consider new and innovative formats, which could include a stage performance or a film viewing. The committee prefers interactive workshops, however, that call for active participation by and involvement of the audience.


The programme committee will assess all the submitted proposals. Entrants will be informed about the result of the selection procedure by 28 April. The idea is for as many lecturers and students as possible to be given the chance to hold a session, and for all faculties to be properly represented.


The UvA Education Conference will be held in English, and proposals should be submitted in English. Sessions will be held in Dutch only if all participants speak Dutch.

Submitting proposals

Please submit your proposal below. You have until Monday, 17 April, inclusive.

More information

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Published by  University of Amsterdam

1 April 2017