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Faculty of Humanities

Excellence, innovation, integration

The result of a merger between the Faculties of Arts, Philosophy and Theology in 1997, the Faculty of Humanities not only houses an assortment of established and respected disciplines, including Foreign Languages, Dutch Studies, History, Archaeology, Theatre Studies and Philosophy, but also such pioneering research fields as New Media, Digital Humanities, and Conservation and Restoration. In keeping with the traditions of a classically broad university, the Faculty offers a large variety of study programmes at a national level, whilst also striving for renewal by way of innovative research, intensive collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach. In addition, the Faculty has set its sights on internationalisation and the expansion of its English-taught education.

Ambition and competition 

The Faculty’s ambitions are visible in both its teaching and research. At an international level it competes with centres of excellence in many fields, does extremely well in international rankings (as a faculty and by subjects), manages a broad array of study programmes and maintains a healthy financial position. The Faculty is therefore determined to continue building on these strengths – excellence, innovation, integration – in the coming years.

Photo: Marcel van Gaalen.