Master's education

The Master's programmes at the Faculty of Science are divided into ‘tracks’. These are linked to our fields of expertise and research priority areas.

In Master's programmes, the key focus is the acquisition of research experience in either a theoretical or practical setting. Besides the two-year research Master's programmes, students can also choose to orient themselves towards entrepreneurship (in collaboration with ACE) or to take a one-year major leading to a first-level teaching qualification.

New teaching methods such as the Tesla minor (focusing on interaction with employers outside the academy) and the Green Student Lab (research assignments conducted from within the business sector) complete our full range of Master's education. Master's programmes at the Faculty of Science are taught in English.

The Master's programmes are conducted from three graduate schools and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies. For more information about the schools, visit to the website

Scholarship for elite students

One of the Faculty of Science's goals is to attract talented students. In order to give highly motivated students the chance to study science at the UvA, the faculty offers a number of scholarships. Both Dutch and international students are eligible for these scholarships. More information about the scholarships that are available for each Master's programme can be found on the programme pages.

Published by  Faculty of Science

9 October 2015