Innovation and impact

Though fundamental in nature, the value of our research is boosted by collaboration with application-oriented partners. The Faculty of Science is positioned at the beginning of the knowledge value chain: through further development in society or industry our research has the potential to lead to innovation and new products.

Companies are increasingly seeking to collaborate with the Faculty of Science due to the available expertise and the independence of our researchers. Sometimes this collaboration is conducted within the scope of large public-private research projects in which the Faculty is involved. The Faculty of Science's research has also resulted in the founding of many different spin-off companies that develop applications for and/or with industrial and societal partners.

Creating opportunities

Collaboration creates opportunities for students and researchers at our faculty, as many research projects offer students the chance to do interesting and highly educational internships with our partners. It also offers researchers greater diversity in their work and career.

Enterprising students and researchers who see opportunities to do more with their academic expertise can apply for support from the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and the Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA).

Published by  Faculty of Science

9 October 2015