Amsterdam Law School

With over 3700 students and 400 staff members, the Amsterdam Law School is one of the largest law schools in the Netherlands.



  • The curriculum of the Amsterdam LAw School is renowned for its strong emphasis on international law.
  • The curriculum pays due to the 'metalegal' aspects of the law, approaching it from sociological, economic, historical and/or philosophical perspectives.
  • We have an eye for talent development.
  • Practical orientation: acquire hands-on skills, even as a Bachelor’s student, by taking part in the Amsterdam Law Firm,the UvA’s virtual law firm, in close cooperation with law firms, the courts and the Public Prosecution Service. Every Master's programme offers courses from the Amsterdam Law Practice programme.

The Amsterdam Law School is part of the University of Amsterdam and houses Dutch bachelor's programmes in General Jurisprudence and Tax Law and the English programme Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE). Masters students can choose from a variety of degree programmes, including: Public Law, Private Law, International and European Law, Labour Law, Information Law, Law & Finance and Tax Law.


The Amsterdam Research Institute for Legal Studies (ARILS) encompasses many research groups and centres studying a variety of topics, including international and European law, contract law, tax law, information law and more. Faculty research priorities include private and public European law, information law and the international rule of law.

Published by  Faculty of Law

18 July 2018