Amsterdam Law School

Legal education and research combined

The Amsterdam Law School at the University of Amsterdam prides itself on its interdisciplinary approach and collaboration with other law faculties. Most lecturers remain active as lawyers, which is why current and practical insights gleaned from professional practice are also embodied in the curriculum.


The interdisciplinary approach is reflected by our collaboration with other law schools in the Netherlands and by the integration of economy, psychology and sociology into the curriculum. Staff members actively participate in various research groups while maintaining close connections with the legal industry. Social engagement is displayed by lecturers and students alike who voluntarily donate their services to various legal aid schemes.

Bachelor's programmes

The Amsterdam Law School at the University of Amsterdam offers Dutch-language Bachelor's programmes in General Jurisprudence and Tax Law and the English-language programme Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE).

Amsterdam Law Firm: student as public prosecutor

Virtual Law Firm

Many of the lecturers on faculty remain active in the legal profession, which is why they are always up to date on current developments. Via the Amsterdam Law Firm, the University of Amsterdam’s virtual law firm, students are able to gain practical experience as early as the Bachelor's phase of their studies.

Honours College for excellent students

For students who aim to profit fully from their studies, we have created the Amsterdam Honours College of Law. Students attend seminars and master classes with a fixed group of fellow students and take part in an exchange programme at a foreign partner university.

Lecturer Arthur Salomons talking to students

Master's programmes

Master’s students can choose from a variety of degree programmes, including: Public Law, Private Law, International and European Law, Labour Law, Information Law, Law & Finance and Tax Law.


The Amsterdam Research Institute for Legal Studies (ARILS) is home to a variety of research groups and research centres that focus on a range of topics including International and European Law, Contract Law, Tax Law, Information Law, and many more. The Faculty’s research priority areas include Private and Public European Law, Information Law and the International Rule of Law.

Published by  Faculty of Law

13 January 2019