Economics and Business faculty building and facilities

Economics and Business is located at the University of Amsterdam’s Roeterseiland Complex.

Faculty building

The faculty building is located at Roetersstraat 11. Economics and Business is housed in the E-building (the white building on the Roetersstraat) close to the Nieuwe Prinsengracht.

Upon entering the building at the ground floor entrance, you will find yourself in the main lobby of the faculty building. On the left hand side is the E-building with offices for lecturers and support staff, student counsellors, and administrative staff. Lecture halls and classrooms are also found in the E-building.

On the right hand side of the main lobby there is the H-building with various facilities such as a library, computer centre, study hall, and a restaurant and a café.

Entry Roetersstraat 11 (Economics and Business)

Economics and Business faculty building

The main lobby

The main lobby forms the central focal point of the faculty. Upon entering, there is a reception area immediately to the left. Copying machines, computers, and various sitting areas are available in the main lobby. There is also a sales point for student books and study materials. Receptions, degree ceremonies, information days and other major faculty and university events such as international symposia are held in the main lobby. It is also home to the Room for Discussion set.

Room for Discussion

Events in the main lobby

La Folie des Rues - Karel Appel

La Folie des Rues by Karel Appel

On the wall of the west side of the main lobby is the Karel Appel painting 'La Folie des Rues', acquired by the UvA in 1997. The painting represents innovative movements that according to Appel ‘always initially manifest themselves in the frenzy of the streets’. The painting (4x14 meter) was originally commissioned for the Paris Opéra, but was considered too large for that venue. Appel found the UvA to be an acceptable buyer for the painting due to the institution’s ‘freedom-loving character’.

Agora restaurant

The Agora restaurant is situated on the Roeterseiland Complex. The modern restaurant is open for lunch and also offers a buffet for dinner in the evenings. The Agora restaurant is open until 19:00.

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1 April 2016