dr. L.L. (Luara Leite) Ferracioli

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    Programme group: Challenges to Democratic Representation
  • Visiting address
    REC BC
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  Amsterdam
    Room number: B10.04
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  15578
    1001 NB  Amsterdam
  • L.L.Ferracioli@uva.nl
    T: 0205258046

Dr Luara Ferracioli obtained her PhD in Philosophy at the Australian National University in 2012, working with Professor Christian Barry. Before joining the University of Amsterdam, she was a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford (Dep. of Politics and IR) and Princeton (Woodrow Wilson School). 

Her research focuses on the political theory of immigration and the political theory of the family, broadly conceived. Her teaching interests are in the broader areas of global justice and gender studies.

In 2014, she was awarded a junior research grant of 250,000 Euros by the Netherlands Scientific Organization in order to carry out research on the ethics and politics of the current refugee protection regime.   

  • Organizer of the UvA Political Theory Seminar Series.
  • Member of the International Working Group on the Normative Theory of Immigration Control.
  • Member of the Family Justice Network.



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  • Ferracioli, L. (2012). Morality in migration: a review essay. Global Justice, 5, 120-129. [details] [PDF]

Keynote / Invited lecture

  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (1-6-2016): By Soil, by Blood, or by What? Children, Citizenship and Immigration., Philosophy CPP Seminar Series, Leiden.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (11-2-2016): Migration Arrangements and Human Rights Protection, WAFL Politics Seminar Series, University of Leiden, Leiden.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (11-5-2016): By Soil, by Blood, or by What? Children, Citizenship and Immigration., Philosophy Seminar Series, University of Sydney, Sydney.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (15-7-2016): By Soil, by Blood, or by What? Children, Citizenship and Immigration, Justitia Amplificata Annual Conference, Bad Homburg.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (19-5-2016): By Soil, by Blood, or by What? Children, Citizenship and Immigration., ANU Thursday Seminar Series (With Pre-Talk), Canberra.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (7-10-2016): Do Guest Worker Programmes Engender Impermissible Inequalities?, Conference on the Optimal Design of Guest Worker Programs, University of Chicago, Chicago.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2015): What is So Special about Feminism?, MANCEPT, Manchester.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (22-4-2015): Family Values: On the Value & Limits of Parental Authority, Law, Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2014): Family Migration Schemes and Liberal Neutrality: A Dilemma, MSPT ANU.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2014): Family Reunification Schemes and Liberal Neutrality: a Dilemma, P&PA, University of Amsterdam.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2014): Justice in Migration, ENERI, Brazil.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2013): The Anarchist’s Myth, University of Sydney, Sydney.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2013): Withdrawing Citizenship, Borders and Justice in Australian Migration Debates, University of Melbourne.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2013): Withdrawing Citizenship, RegNet, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2012): The Appeal and Danger of a New Refugee Convention, Realist Political Theory Workshop, Monash.
  • Ferracioli, L.L. (invited speaker) (2011): Immigration, Self-determination and the Duty to Exclude, Centre for the Study of Social Justice, Oxford.
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