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dr. A.M. (Rianne) Hermans

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Latin cults through Roman eyes. Myth, memory and cult practice in the Alban hills

In my research project, 'The Integration of Latin cults in Roman Religion: Memory, Cult Practice and the Construction of Religious Identity', I investigated the cults of Juno Sospita, Diana Nemorensis and Jupiter Latiaris The analysis has elucidated the interactions between their Roman and the Latin cult sites and the way perceptions of the deities were transmitted in literature, visual culture and ritual practice. My dissertation aims at a thorough understanding of three cults in the religious landscape of Rome and Latium, but I also aspire to develop an innovative way of studying Roman perceptions of diversity and religious change.

Research interests

History of the Roman republic and early empire, Roman religion and myth, memory culture, material culture, the 'past in the past'.   

Teaching and other activities

- Teaching the course "Introduction to Ancient History"

- Teaching the BA research seminar "The Roman conquest wars: History, Myth, Memory"

- Teachting the MA course 'City full of Gods. Roman Religion and Roman Imperialism'

- Member of the Employees Council of the Faculty of Humanities (2012-2014)

- Co-organization of a three-day conference on "Gender and the Roman City" and several masterclasses  



Ma of Arts (Mphil) in Historical Studies - cum laude . Radboud University, Nijmegen.


Bachelor of Arts in History - cum laude . Radboud University, Nijmegen.

Awards and Grants

- Amsterdam School of Historical Studies Dissertation Prize: best dissertation of 2016-2017

- Fondation Hardt, Geneva: scholarship for young researchers (2016)

- Scholarships Royal Netherlands Institute Rome (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015).

- DAAD Scholarship for research stay at Münster University, (May 2011 - July 2011).

- VSB Scholarship for research stay at Münster University (October 2010 - March 2011).

- 'Universitaire Studieprijs 2009-2010': best MA-thesis faculty of Humanities, Radboud University Nijmegen.


RRC 412.1: Moneyer Roscius Fabatus promoting the cult of Juno Sospita in his hometown Lanuvium. Roman denarius, 64 BC. © Trustees of the British Museum

Papers and selected presentations 


A.M. Hermans, “Ancient Rome and the Alban hills: Myth, cult practice and the perception of landscape.”, Paper given at the Penn-Leiden Colloquium on Ancient Values VIII: Landscapes of Value, Philadelphia, 19/21-06-201.


A.M. Hermans, “Juno Sospita and the draco: myth, cult practice and religious performance”, paper presented at the workshop Landscape and Memory in Antiquity with prof. N. Purcell in Amsterdam, 09-05-2014.


A.M. Hermans, "A Curious King. Myths and memories surrounding the priesthood of the Rex Nemorensis", Paper given at a workshop for PhD's in Oxford, 28-09-2013.


A.M. Hermans, "The Fasti Praenestini. Religious Memory and Modernization', Oikos Masterclass 'The Use of the Past in Antiquity", Royal Dutch Institute Rome, 17/26-06-2012


A.M. Hermans, "Latijnse culten door Romeinse ogen: herinneringscultuur als onderzoeksperspectief", Oudhistoricidag, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 27-01-2012. 


A.M. Hermans, "Uitheemse culten: een Romeins perspectief", Gastlezing MA onderzoekscollege 'Rome als Magneet' , Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 31-10-2011.


A.M. Hermans, "Juno Regina, Juno Sospita en Juno Caelestis: De incorporatie van drie 'uitheemse' godinnen in Rome‟, Symposium Jonge Archeologen , 19-3-2010.


A.M. Hermans, "Juno Regina en Juno Sospita: De incorporatie van twee "uitheemse‟ godinnen in Rome‟, ResMa Forum Letteren , Radboud University Nijmegen, 2-10-2009.




A.M. Hermans, "Foreign Gods through Roman Eyes: The Case of the Junones‟, Integration and identity in the Roman Republic , University of Manchester, 1/3-7-2010.


  • Hermans, A. M. (2016). Juno Sospita and the draco: Myth, Image, and Ritual in the Landscape of the Alban Hills. Mnemosyne. Supplementum, 196-227.


  • Hermans, R. (2014). The integration of Latin cults into Roman religion: memory, cult practice and the construction of religious identity. TMA: tijdschrift voor mediterrane archeologie, 51, 57. [details] 



  • Hermans, A. M. (2011). Juno Regina, Juno Sospita en Juno Caelestis: De incorporatie van drie 'uitheemse' godinnen in Rome. In K. Huijben, S. J. A. G. van den Liefvoort, & T. J. S. W. van der Weyden (Eds.), Symposium voor Onderzoek door Jonge Archeologen. (Vol. 7). S.I..


  • Hermans, R. (2011). Strategische goden [Bespreking van: E.M. Orlin (2010) Foreign cults in Rome: creating a Roman Empire]. Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 124(4), 568-569. [details] 


  • Hermans, A. M. (2009). Romeinse Decadentie [Review of: STAM Mols, O Hekster (2008) Romeinse decadentie: pracht en praal in de Romeinse keizerrtijd]. Ex Tempore, 29, 26-27.


  • Hermans, Rianne (2013): Four scholarships.
  • Hermans, Rianne (2011): Universitaire Studieprijs.


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