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dr. M.J.M. (Marleen) Rensen

Moderne Europese Letterkunde
  • Faculty of Humanities
    Capaciteitsgroep Europese studies
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    Oost-Indisch Huis
    Kloveniersburgwal 48  Room number: D2.08B
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    Kloveniersburgwal  48
    1012 CX  Amsterdam
    T: 0205252198

Field of research

Marleen Rensen studied Arts and Sciences at the University of Maastricht and took her PHD at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor (UD) teaching in the department of European Studies. She specializes in modern European literature, with a specific focus on France in the interwar period.

Other fields of interest: romanticism, the cultural relations between France and Germany, literary engagement, literature and war, eurofascism, literature and the experience of time, the novel and the biography .

Current research

In her current research on French and German intellectuals (1870-1945) she studies the way in which novels and biographies have been written to tell  'European Lives'.



Article on Stefan Zweig 2015

Writing European Lives. Stefan Zweig as a Biographer of Verhaeren, Rolland and Erasmus, in European Journal of Life Writing, vol. 4 (2015)

European Journal of Life Writing

European Studies 32 - Edited Volume (2014)

This volume comprises the proceedings of the Conference 'European Encounters. Intellectual Exchange and the Rethinking of Europe 1914-1945' held in Amsterdam.                                                           

Together with Carlos Reijnen she has edited this volume, provided it with an introduction and contributed a chapter on the friendship of Romain Rolland and Stefan Zweig.

European Encounters




Contribution to Volume about the First World War (2014)

Article 'Het blijft een vel papier, tegen een orkaan in'. Stefan Zweig en de Eerste Wereldoorlog'

Contribution to Volume (2011)

She wrote a chapter for this book about the nationalist rhetorics of the Dutch populist party PVV.

PHD-thesis (2009) Lijden aan de tijd

Franse intellectuelen in het interbellum. About French intellectuals in the interwar period.

Uitgeverij Aspekt / M. Rensen - Lijden aan de tijd


  • Rensen, M. J. M. (2018). Time, Rhythm and Ritual: Imagined Communities in L’espoir (1937) and Les sept couleurs (1939) . In G. Blok, C. Weeda, & V. Kuitenbrouwer (Eds.), Imagining Communities: Historial Reflections on the Process of Communtiy Formation (pp. 149-173). [8] Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.


  • Rensen, M. (2017). Fascist Poetry for Europe: Transnational Fascism and the Case of Robert Brasillach. In A. Bauerkämper, & G. Rossoliński-Liebe (Eds.), Fascism without Borders: Transnational connections and cooperation between movements and regimes in Europe from 1918 to 1945 (pp. 192-215). New York: Berghahn. [details] 
  • Rensen, M. (2017). Restoring the Republic of Letters: Romain Rolland, Stefan Zweig and Transnational Community Building in Europe, 1914-34. In S. Couperus, & H. Kaal (Eds.), (Re)Constructing Communities in Europe, 1918-1968: Senses of Belonging Below, Beyond and Within the Nation-State (pp. 153-174). (Routledge Studies in Modern European History; Vol. 37). New York: Routledge. [details] 


  • Rensen, M. (2015). Writing European Lives: Stefan Zweig as a Biographer of Verhaeren, Rolland and Erasmus. European Journal of Life Writing, 4, 1-29. DOI: 10.5463/ejlw.4.162  [details] 


  • Rensen, M. (2012). Romain Rolland et son 'Beethoven': de la 'Vie de Beethoven' (1903) à 'Jean-Christophe' (1904-1912). In J-M. Wittmann (Ed.), Biographie et roman: actes du colloque international de Metz, septembre-octobre 2010 (pp. 281-300). (Recherches en littérature; Vol. 7). Metz: Université de Lorraine, Centre de recherche Écritures. [details] 


  • Rensen, M. (2010). 'El capitán' Jef Last: un écrivain néerlandais sur le front espagnol. Aden: Paul Nizan et les années trente, 9, 173-191. [details] 


  • Reijnen, C., & Rensen, M. (2014). European encounters: intellectual exchange and the rethinking of Europe 1914-1945. (European studies; No. 32). Amsterdam: Rodopi. [details] 
  • Reijnen, C., & Rensen, M. (2014). Introduction: European Encounters. Intellectual Exchange and the Rethinking of Europe (1914-1945). In C. Reijnen, & M. Rensen (Eds.), European encounters: intellectual exchange and the rethinking of Europe 1914-1945 (pp. 13-30). (European studies; No. 32). Amsterdam: Rodopi. [details] 
  • Rensen, M. (2014). Exemplary Europeans. Romain Rolland and Stefan Zweig. European studies, 32, 173-188. [details] 


  • Rensen, M. (2009). Lijden aan de tijd: Franse intellectuelen in het interbellum. Soesterberg: Aspekt. [details] 


  • Rensen, M. (2016). [Review of: R. Görner, K. Renoldner (2015) Zweigs England; R. Battiston, K. Renoldner (2011) 'Ich liebte Frankreich wie eine zweite Heimat.': Neue Studien zu Stefan Zweig = 'J'aimais la France comme ma seconde patrie.': Actualité(s) de Stefan Zweig]. German Studies Review, 39(2), 405-409. DOI: 10.1353/gsr.2016.0038  [details] 


  • Rensen, M. J. M. (2014). Vragen van deze tijd [Bespreking van: T. Kleinpaste (2013) Nederland als vervlogen droom]. Openbaar Bestuur, 24(1), 33-34. [details] 



  • Rensen, M. (2009). [Review of: J.J. Slauerhoff (2008) La révolte de Guadalajara]. Aden: Paul Nizan et les années trente, 8, 428-429. [details] 

Scientific position

  • Rensen, M. (2016-2017). Jurylid Jan Hanlo Essayprijs 2017, Jan Hanlo Essayprijs.
  • Rensen, M. (2015-2017). International AutoBiography Association Europe.
  • Rensen, M. (2012-2018). Lid redactieraad, UvA Spui25.
  • Rensen, M. (2012-2018). Member of the Editorial Board., Armada. Tijdschrift voor Wereldliteratuur.
  • Rensen, M. (2012-2018). Lid Conseil d'Administration, Groupe Interdisciplinaire d'Études Nizaniennes.
  • Rensen, M. (2012-2018). Lid Commissie Letteren, Amsterdamse Kunstraad.

Talk / presentation

  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (16-9-2016). Paper 'Building Blocks for Europe. Klaus Mann’s André Gide. Die Geschichten eines Europäers', Conference Re-Imagining Europe: Perspectives on a Contested Continent, 800-2000, Utrecht.
  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (30-6-2016). Pitch 'Republiek der Letteren' (samen met Charles van den Heuvel en Dirk van Miert), Conference Digitalisation of Cultural Heritage, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (7-12-2015). Restoring the Republic of Letters Romain Rolland, Stefan Zweig and the transnational community building in interwar European humanities and sciences, Vossius Seminar , Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (8-7-2015). Paper '(World) literature for Europe', 22nd International Conference of Europeanists, Paris.
  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (5-6-2015). Presentation 'Heritage and European Life Narratives', European Diary Archive and Collections (EDAC) Founding Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (4-6-2015). Paper Presentation 'Stefan Zweig and Biography as a Form of Cultural Mediation', Mittler und Vermittler Konferenz, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (18-12-2014). Conference Intellectuals and the Great War, Intellectualls and the Great War, Gent, Belgium.
  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (9-9-2014). Paper 'Stefan Zweig and Emile Verhaeren: A Case Study', Conference Encounters, Bristol.
  • Rensen, M. (speaker) (21-6-2014). Paper 'Myths of a Fascist Europe in the Writings of Robert Brasillach', Fascism without Borders, Berlin, Germany.


  • Rensen, M. J. M. (2008). Lijden aan de tijd : Franse intellectuelen in het interbellum [details] 
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