Career prospects

Communication Science

After graduation

Upon graduation you will be awarded a degree certificate in Communication Science. Thereafter you may call youself a Bachelor of Science.

With your degree certificate you may enter the job market. Another option is to start a Master's programme. The latter is common in the Netherlands.

Job market

The career prospects for communication scientists are generally good and there is a variety of job opportunities open to them. Some examples of jobs currently held by our graduates include:  

  • Producer or editor;
  • Communications adviser at a company, cultural institution or government body;
  • Media planner;
  • Campaign manager of a political party during the elections;
  • Marketing executive of a big publishing group;
  • Strategist at an advertising company;
  • Spokesman of a company, a foundation or the government;
  • Journalist.

Click on the links below to view videos of alumni talking about their jobs:

Published by  College of Communication

4 October 2017