Exchange programme Communication Science

Exchange Programme Social Sciences

Exchange students in Communication Science  at the University of Amsterdam are welcomed in the Exchange Programme – Social Sciences. This is an multi-disciplinary non-degree undergraduate programme for exchange students. 

Graduate School of Communication

Student profile

The Exchange Programme Social Sciences is for international exchange students who are selected by their home institution in the framework of existing exchange agreements. As a rule students should have at least two years of academic education in a relevant field. 

Free Mover (fee paying)

Students who are interested in studying in the  Exchange Programme College Social Sciences outside an exchange programme can do so as an independent fee paying student. These students follow the same procedures, need to meet the same entrance requirements and pay EUR 75 per ECTS credit (amount may be different in 2018-19). These students can apply by using the exchange application form and checking the box free mover (fee paying).They are registered at the University of Amsterdam as “contractstudent”  and are  hosted together with the exchange students. Please note we cannot accept free mover students who are registered at one of our bilateral partneruniversities, but for Erasmus. 

Fields of study

The programme introduces students to the following fields:

  • Communication and Society
  • Child Development and Education
  • Conflict Studies
  • International Development Studies
  • Dutch Society
  • Ethnicity, Migration and Nationalism
  • Gender, Sexuality and Society
  • Global Health, Care and Society
  • International Relations and Globalisation
  • Politics, Governance and Democracy
  • Society and Modernity
  • Urban Studies 

Start and duration

Students can study in the  Exchange Programme College Social Sciences for a period of one or two semesters, according to the agreement with the student's home university. The 20 week semesters start in September and in February.


All students in the  Exchange Programme College Social Sciences receive a transcript stating the courses they have succesfully completed and the credits and grades obtained for these courses.

Organising institutes

This programme of advanced undergraduate courses in English is offered by the College of Social Sciences in cooperation with the College of Communication and the College Child Development and Education.

various ECTS ECTS, various months
Language of instruction

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