Tuition fee

Free movers (independent exchange students) pay a tuition fee. Regular exchange students do not have to pay a tuition fee to the University of Amsterdam. They stay registered at their home university and pay tuition fees there.

Tuition fee for free movers (independent exchange students)

For EU/EEA-students

• € 5,000 per academic year
• € 2,500 per semester

For non EU/EEA-students

• € 14,800 per academic year
• € 7,400 per semester

The tuition fee covers tuition, orientation and transcript processing.


Tuition fee payment

After being accepted into the UvA Economics & Business independent exchange programme, you'll receive an invoice of the University of Amsterdam.

Deadline for payment

The tuition fee should be paid before the start of classes in the relevant semester. Please note that students cannot be accepted into the programme if their payment has not been received by the deadline indicated on the invoice.

Published by  Economics and Business

16 August 2018