Open programme High Performance Computing and Big Data

High Performance Computing facilities will be taught to researchers and students in this course of 10 workshop sessions. HPC is a powerful instrument in analysing of large amounts of data.


From 2  January till 2 February 2018 at the University of Amsterdam.

Target group

Researchers and (Master) students


The objective of this course is to introduce individuals with limited programming knowledge to various High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities. At the end of the course, they will be able to use them, avoiding common pitfalls, thus saving them money and time. The course consists of 10 workshops.The course is taught in English and is composed of a number of independent modules touching on various HPC and Big Data issues:

  • Introduction to Unix, distributed systems, and Big Data
  • Using state-of-the-art Supercomputers (with hands-on on the National Supercomputer Cartesius and the Lisa cluster)
  • HPC Cloud
  • GPU programming
  • Local and Remote Visualisation Techniques (Not available at VU)
  • Data Intensive Computing with Hadoop: MapReduce and Pig
  • MPI/OpenMP approaches used in HPC and distributed computing (Not available at VU);


Staff and Master's students  UvA and VU                    Free

Participants from other universities:                            €  300

Participants from outside the academic sector:           € 3000

These prices are for the entire course. Should people only attend some of the workshops, they pay to ratio. Currently there are 10 workshops, so they cost €30 each for participants from other universities, or €300 each for participants from outside the academic sector.


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