The Netherlands Institute in Saint Petersburg

The Netherlands Institute in Saint Petersburg (NIP) focuses in particular on Slavic and Russian Studies, Dutch Studies, and Art/General History. The NIP also represents Dutch universities in general as well as other specific disciplines.

  • The NIP provides academic courses as an integral part of the study programmes offered at Dutch universities.
  • It organises occasional academic events and facilitates research carried out by the participating universities.
  • The NIP also offers grants and internships and supervises thesis research, individual study programmes and student travel.
  • The NIP’s facilities include an academic library, study areas, a guest accommodation room and extensive network of academic contacts. The NIP also provides access to Russian archives and museums for research.
  • The institute also helps promote Dutch culture and Dutch-Russian academic collaboration in close partnership with the participating institutions in the Netherlands.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

4 November 2013