The Netherlands School of Communication Research

The Netherlands School of Communication Research (NeSCoR) is the national research school and PhD programme in communication science that unites all Dutch universities offering teaching programmes in communication science rooted in the social and behavioral tradition. NeSCoR is related to all Bachelor's, Master's, and Research Master's curricula in communication science in the Netherlands, which teach on average 3000 graduate and undergraduate students.


Scientific director

Prof. C.H. de Vreese

Contact person

Dr M.E. Prangsma


100 staff members, 60 PhD candidates

Visiting address

Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  
1018 WV  Amsterdam 

T. (020) 525 3680 
F. (020) 525 2681 

Postal address

Maaike Prangsma 
PO Box 15791   
1001 NG Amsterdam

Participating universities

University of Amsterdam, Catholic University Nijmegen, University of Twente, VU University Amsterdam

Published by  University of Amsterdam

9 September 2014