UvAPro has a board consisting of six members, one for each of the faculties represented by UvAPro.

Becoming a board member

If a vacancy arises on the UvAPro board, a call for new board members is made through the faculty mailing lists. Applicants must submit a CV and letter of motivation. The UvAPro board will then hold interviews and make a selection.

Why become a board member?

As a board member, you will learn more about the UvA and your faculty and have the opportunity to help your fellow PhD candidates. Membership is also an excellent way to gain experience in organising social and professional events, and is a great way to meet PhD candidates from other faculties and universities.

What is expected of UvAPro board members?

Board members are expected to attend monthly UvAPro board meetings and regular faculty PhD council meetings. Every member is designated a specific position, such as chair, treasurer, secretary or contact person for the PhD Network of the Netherlands. Other tasks are divided among the board members.

Is there compensation?

As compensation for their efforts, for every year on the board, a board member’s contract is extended by one month.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or if you would like to sit in on board meetings as a non-member, please send us an email.

Current board members

Jort ten Berg


Jort ten Berg

Faculty of Economics and Business

Jort ten Berg started his PhD in 2015 and his research topic is risk management as social and institutional practice. This research aims to get a richer understanding of risk management in situ, as a social and institutional practice, and is qualitative in nature.

Gert-Jan Munneke is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

Gert-Jan Munneke


Gert-Jan Munneke

Faculty of Humanities 

Gert-Jan Munneke is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. Gert-Jan’s research focuses on the logical underpinnings of the way people reason about moral dilemmas. Within UvAPro, Gert-Jan represents PhD candidates from the Humanities.

General members


Monalisa Goswami

Monalisa Goswami

Monalisa Goswami

Faculty of Science

Monalisa is a PhD candidate at the Van’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences. She started her PhD in 2013 and her research deals with exploring metalloradical catalysis as a new way to perform catalytic reactions that are more selective and effective.

Sarah Eskens

Faculty of Law

Sarah Eskens is a PhD Candidate at the Institute for Information Law. She studies how news personalization affects the capability of news consumers to exercise their right to receive information, and what this means for the relation between news consumers, news media and intermediaries, and the state. Sarah started her research in March 2016 and since November that year she has represented the Faculty of Law within the UvA PhD Council.

Minke Nouwens

Minke Nouwens

Minke Nouwens

Faculty of Social Sciences

Minke started her PhD in Anthropology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2013. Half-way through the second year she had a burn-out and spent the following two years recovering from and researching stress-imbalances in human bodies. The topic fascinates her so much that she is now writing her thesis on (re)productions of a consciousness of ‘energy’ and ‘bodies’ in different cultural contexts.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

20 December 2016