The board of the Central PhD Council consists of six members: one for each faculty of the University of Amsterdam, with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA).

PhD candidates of the AMC are united in their own PhD candidate association APROVE. Below you will find information about the current board members of the Central PhD Council.

Jort ten Berg

Jort ten Berg, President – Faculty of Economics and Business

Jort ten Berg aims to obtain a richer understanding, empirically and theoretically, of risk management in situ as a social and institutional practice. It moves to the back-stage of practice, where every-day practices and processes of risk management are evolving, to shed light on the work of organizational actors as the everyday work of many organizational actors is increasingly articulated in the language of risk. The research seeks to understand how the notion of risk management is conceptualized and enacted in two different cases, healthcare and professional services firms. Jort started his PhD in 2015, and since February 2016 he represents the Faculty of Economics and Business within the Central PhD Council.

Sarah Eskens

Sarah Eskens, Treasurer and Communication – Faculty of Law

Sarah Eskens is a PhD Candidate at the Institute for Information Law (IViR). She studies how news personalization affects the fundamental information and privacy rights of news consumers. The underlying idea is that news consumers need a certain protected space to freely search for and consume the information they need to fulfil their role of informed citizen, to develop as autonomous human beings, and to enter in to social relations. Sarah started her research in March 2016 and since November that year she represents the Faculty of Law within the Central PhD Council.

Minke Nouwens

Minke Nouwens – Faculty of Social and Behavioural sciences

Minke conducts her PhD in Anthropology at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR). Half-way through the second year, she had a burn-out and spent the following years researching stress-imbalance experiences in human bodies. The topic fascinates her so much that she is now designing a study on the interplays between lived sensuous experiences and consciousnesses of bodies in different cultural and historical contexts. Minke started her PhD project in 2013 and represents the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences since October 2016.

Tijmen Münker

Tijmen Münker, Communication – Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA)

Tijmen Münker is a PhD Candidate at the department of Dental Material Sciences of the Academic Centre Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). He develops new patient specific implants for skull reconstruction (cranioplasty) with reduced infection rate, increased strength and lower costs. Tijmen started his research in 2016, and since April 2017 he represents ACTA within the Central PhD Council.

Liana Roca

Liana Roca, Secretary – Faculty of Science

Liana Roca is a PhD candidate at the Van ‘t Hoff institute for Molecular Sciences in the Analytical Chemistry research group. Her main focus is on development of separation technology and application of liquid chromatography in proteomics. Liana has started her PhD in September 2016 and joined the Central PhD Council board as a representative for FNWI in March 2017.

Jan Overwijk

Jan Overwijk – Faculty of the Humanities

Jan Overwijk is PhD-candidate in social philosophy. His research focusses on the concept of rationalisation, a central notion within critical social theory. In this research, he aims at the deconstruction of instrumental reason or efficiency by studying theorists of and around the Frankfurt School, post-structuralism and the sociologist Niklas Luhmann. Jan joined the board of the Central PhD Council in 2017.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

19 October 2017