UvA385 Grants for PhD candidates

In 2017, the University of Amsterdam is celebrating its 385th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the UvA is introducing a new type of grant, the UvA385 Grant, which enables UvA PhD candidates to acquire international experience.

Birthdays and gifts go hand in hand, and the greatest gift is an investment in the future. PhD candidates are essential to the future of research. With that in mind, the UvA is celebrating its anniversary with the launch of a new type of grant that will enable UvA PhD candidates to acquire international experience.

UvA385 Grants are offered on top of existing regular opportunities. The launch of this new grant also forms the start of a fund-raising campaign being carried out by the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF). The UvA and the AUF are investing in the future of research through these UvA385 Grants.

The UvA385 Grants are awarded by the Doctorate Board. The students who have been awarded the grants will be announced to coincide with the 2018 Dies Natalis (the University’s birthday and the end of the anniversary year), and on the same day in 2019 (for the second round).

What are the grants, who are they for and how much are they worth?

  • The grants are intended to enable students to acquire additional international experience on top of their regular opportunities.
  • The grants are aimed at UvA PhD candidates approved by the Doctorate Board who are actively working on research.
  • A UvA386 Grant is worth up to €3000 per grant.
  • A minimum of 20 grants will be awarded, spread over two application rounds. More grants can be awarded if fund-raising proves successful.

Two rounds

The grants will be awarded in two rounds:

  • The first €30,000 will be awarded before the summer break in 2017, with the deadline for allocation set at September 2018.
  • The activity for which the applicant intends to use the grant must take place between 1-7-2017 and 1-9-2018.
  • The applicant must not yet have received their doctorate at the time of the activity.
  • The second sum – amounting to at least €30,000 – will be awarded before the summer of 2018, with the deadline for allocation set at September 2019.

Time frame

Deadline for applications during 1st round 3 April 2017 08:00 (UTC +1)
Selection procedure April – May 2017 
Definitive decision for 1st round by Doctorate Board June 2017 
Announcement of grant recipients  June 2017
Public presentation of awarded grants for 1st round and start of 2nd round  8 January 2018 (Dies Natalis)

The time frame for the second round will be announced on this site as well as through other outlets after a definitive decision is made by the Doctorate Board and an evaluation of the round is performed. The deadline for the second round is 1 April 2018.

Selection procedure for first round

The procedure described below refers to the first round. After an evaluation of this round is completed, the procedure can be adapted accordingly.

  • Once the applications have been checked for completeness, they will be handed over to a small selection committee.
  • The selection committee will consist of five members, including colleagues from the Academic Affairs department, the rector (pro forma) and a faculty head or representative. They will conduct interviews with all applicants (or a select number of applicants, depending on the number of applications).
  • Selection will take place on a qualitative basis. The committee is also tasked with ensuring that an even balance is achieved between subjects, universities, countries, faculties and so on. 
  • In a final step, the selected applicants will be presented to the Doctorate Board, which will make a definitive decision regarding the awarding of the grants.

Application and required documents

Applications can only be submitted via the application form below. An application must contain the following:

  • copy of the Doctorate Board’s decision regarding admission to the doctoral 
  • a concise letter of motivation written by the PhD student that sets out the purpose and explains the relevance for their doctoral research and/or their career, and that shows that shows the enthusiasm and conviction needed to convince the committee that the grant will be well spent;
  • a recent CV;
  • a specific budget with an overview of income and expenses;
  • a general plan that shows that the grant will be awarded before September 2018;
  • a personal letter of recommendation from the student’s supervisor which is individual to the PhD student. This letter is submitted separately.

The letter of recommendation can be submitted via: lustrumbeurzen@uva.nl.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

14 March 2017