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Below you can find an indication of the rental prices for different types of housing. Please note that prices may differ slightly.

  • Room in a shared flat, basically furnished:
    between €250 and €550 a month, including gas, electricity and water, not including internet.

  • Private studio, unfurnished:
    etween €500 and €700 a month,  not including gas, electricity, water and internet. 

  • Private studio, furnished:
    between €600 and €800 a month,  including gas, electricity, water and internet. Maximum stay of one year.

  • One-bedroom apartment (for couples):
    between €600 and €800 per month. Furnished and unfurnished options. 
    At the moment we have a shortage of one-bedroom apartments. This means sharing a small studio with your partner may sometimes be the only option.

  • Family apartment:
    between €700 and €805 a month. Two or three bedrooms. Basically furnished and unfurnished options.

Bringing a pet

Animals are not allowed in regular student housing. Contact your housing officer to see if a private flat is available from a company that does allow domestic animals. Please be aware that such flats are scarce, so it may not be possible to bring your pet.