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Complaints and emergencies

On this page you can find information on whom to contact in the case of complaints or emergencies.


If you are experiencing problems with your neighbours (noise nuisance, intimidation, threats  or other trouble) and you have not been able to resolve these problems yourself, there are a number of services you can turn to.

You should always contact your housing corporation and your UvA housing officer first. The corporation may be able to act as a mediator between you and your neighbours. Housing associations have contacts with various services, such as Meldpunt Zorg en Overlast, a helpdesk for neighbour nuisance, and Stichting Bemiddeling Amsterdam, which provides mediation. You can also contact these organisations yourself to report the nuisance caused by your neighbours.

UvA Longstay housing is mostly located in densely populated areas. Your apartment is likely to be surrounded by regular tenants. That means you need to take your neighbours into consideration and try to keep on good terms with them. If there are complaints from them, always take them seriously. Communication is always the best peace keeper in difficult situations.


You are strongly advised to take out insurance against fire and theft.

If a burglary has taken place, you can do the following:

  • If you need to contact the police in a non-emergency situation, call 0900-8844
  • In case of an emergency, dial: 112
  • If there has been any damage, call the De Alliantie maintenance department: 088-0023200. Press 1 and wait until the operator picks up the phone.

Always inform your housing officer about the situation.