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Start your application

Before you apply for PhD accommodation through UvA Longstay, there are a number of things you need to know.

Before you apply for accommodation through UvA Longstay, there are a number of things you need to know.

  • Please check the list of faculty housing officers to see if your faculty or institute makes use of the UvA Longstay housing service.
  • To be eligible for housing through UvA Longstay, all applicants must pay the UvA Housing Fee
  • Housing in Amsterdam is scarce. This means it may not be possible to fulfil special housing requests regarding size, location and layout. Read more about the availability of UvA Housing.  
  • The housing offer you receive depends on your student status (PhD, Postdoc, guest researcher, etc.), your annual income, your period of stay and if you are bringing your partner or family.

Follow these steps to start your housing application:

1. Contact your institute's or faculty's housing officer

UvA Faculty Housing Officers (Dec 2018)

2. Your application

Your institute or faculty will send your housing application to the housing office.

  • Once we have found suitable accommodation, you will receive an official housing offer.
  • If you accept it, you will be asked to pay the UvA housing fee (which is stated in the housing offer). 
  • UvA Longstay will forward your information to the housing corporation. The housing corporation will then contact you to sign the contract.

3. Check-in/contract appointment

During the check-in/contract appointment with the housing corporation, you will receive information about the following:

  • The accommodation contract
  • How to deal with maintenance or technical problems
  • The complaints procedure
  • How to check out
  • Payment of first months’ rent, contract costs and in some cases a deposit