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Private housing

for PhDs

If you prefer finding your own place, please read our suggestions, which are meant to assist you with your search.

  • You need to be in Amsterdam in order to find suitable accommodation. We advise you to arrive in Amsterdam one or two weeks prior to the start of your research.
  • Build a network: let people know that you are looking for an apartment.
  • You need to be registered at an address in Amsterdam in order to be able to receive your permit.
  • To be eligible for social housing, your annual Dutch (gross) salary must be below €34,678.00
  • If you choose to rent privately, be certain that you know exactly what you are paying for.
  • Social housing corporations also have commercial housing possibilities.
  • Rent a room after arrival and give yourself the time to find the right place.
  • Quality may be lower than you are normally used to.

Commercial sector

  • The commercial sector is usually more expensive. Renting a flat starts from €699,48 per month, but available flats are usually more expensive (approximately €800 - €1,400).
  • Cancellation of your contract is not possible during the first 12 months of tenancy.
  • In order to be eligible for commercial housing, you need to earn at least four times the amount you will be paying in rent.
  • The prices in the private sector are comparatively similar to the commercial sector.
  • A deposit may cost up to double your monthly rent.
  • You will also be required to pay contract costs and an estate agent fee.
  • You can arrange the contract expiration date with the estate agent.
  • If possible, pay everything via your bank.
  • If your landlord prefers payment in cash, think twice before accepting the deal he or she offers, as it may very well be a scam.
  • Cash payment: always request a receipt.

Tenancy agreement 

Always ask a Dutch colleague to help you understand the tenancy agreement, so that you know what you will be legally bound by. Make sure that your contract has the correct dates, so that you are not legally bound beyond your initial wish.

Private offers

The UvA has a mailing list called Private Offers, where individuals connected to the UvA can offer their accommodation for sublet. Please contact your UvA housing officer for more information.

UvA Housing officers per Faculty or Institute

Temporary accommodation for visiting staff

Le Coin

The UvA rents out hotel apartments in Hotel Résidence Le Coin specifically for short stays. These apartments are situated on the corner of Oude Turfmarkt and Nieuwe Doelenstraat, which is within walking distance of the Spui.

The sizes of the apartments vary between 25 and 35 square meters. There is a kitchenette with cooking facilities in each apartment. The apartments also have a private bathroom and are equipped with (Wifi) internet connections. UvA guests receive reduced rates varying from €102 to €127 a night (monthly rates on request). Breakfast service is available with a wide array of dishes in a stylish breakfast room.


  • Hotel Résidence Le Coin Nieuwe Doelenstraat 5
  • 1012 CP Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • T: +31 (0)20 524 6800
  • F: +31 (0)20 524 6801
  • E:

Website Hotel Résidence Le Coin

Hotel accommodation for extended visits

'Stichting Gastenverblijven UvA' administers apartments for visiting lecturers and researchers on the Oudezijds Kolk and the Geldersekade. The buildings are situated in the center of Amsterdam, just a 5 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.  The apartments vary in type, size and price and have a kitchenette, television, telephone (outside calls: €0.20 per impulse)and (wifi) internet connection. All apartments are completely furnished, including kitchen utensils and linen, and are cleaned once a week. Fresh towels and bed linen are provided as well. There is also a laundry room.

Please note that only your contact person at the university can make a reservation for these apartments.


  • Stichting Gastenverblijven UvA
  • Nieuwe Doelenstraat 5
  • 1012 CP Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • T: +31 (0)20 524 6800
  • F: +31 (0)20 524 6801
  • E: (Mr M. Barendregt, General Manager)

Longer stay

The following apartments are available for long stays (minimum stay at least 3 months). Sizes are approximate and in meters.

Oudezijds Kolk (entrance: Geldersekade no 14) 

16 apartments of various sizes, per month: €680 - €1,450:

  • One-room apartments (6x3); shower and toilet shared with one other person
  • Two-room apartments; living room (6x5), bedroom (4x3), toilet and shower

Geldersekade (no 14) 

21 apartments of various sizes, per month: €995 - €1,450:

  • One-room apartments (6x3.5) with toilet and shower (views of Oudezijds Kolk or at the back); €995 per month
  • Two-room apartments with living room (5x4), bedroom (4x3),  toilet and bath or shower and (large) kitchen. One of these two-room apartments has an extra space that can be used as bedroom; €1,450 per month.

Housing websites commercial and private housing

Listed properties are located in the cities of Amsterdam, Almere, Haarlem and Utrecht. Information is available in English.


Information at about apartments

Pararius website (list of rental properties)

Expatica website for housing