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Taxes and allowances

This page contains information on municipal taxes and rental allowance.

DigiD signature

To apply for allowances, tax exemptions or to take care of any official matters in the Netherlands, you will a digital signature known as 'DigiD'. You can find more information about DigiD on the I amsterdam website

Municipal taxes:

These taxes are used to pay for all sorts of provisions in the city. By paying tax, all residents from Amsterdam deliver a contribution to the city. Taxes are not included in the rent. You will be responsible for paying these taxes, which the local authorities impose on all residents.

There are two types of taxes:

  1. Dienst Belasting Gemeente Amsterdam
    The municipality collects a number of taxes directly from the citizens. Every household in Amsterdam pays a waste collection levy to pay for the collection and processing of household rubbish.
  2. Waternet Hoogheemraadschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht
    For water purification and to protect the land against flooding, every citizen has to pay a pollution levy and water board assessment. You do not get this assessment via the municipality.

If you are unable to pay the taxes and water board charges, you can request a remission from the Tax Department. You qualify for an exemption if your monthly grant/salary is  below or around the amounts listed here:

  • Couples or shared (combined salary/grant): €1,395.93
  • Single parent:  €977.15
  • Single  €977.15

If your waiver request is denied, you must pay the tax. If you can`t pay this all at once, you can call the Dienst Belasting to ask to pay in installments.

Rent allowance

If your income is below a certain government-determined income threshold and you can apply for rent allowance. You can find more information on rent allowance the I amsterdam website.