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UvA housing fee

The University of Amsterdam provides a housing service for postgraduates and guests of the UvA. You don't have to make use of this service, but it is highly recommended, as there is a scarcity of housing in Amsterdam and rental prices are high.

To be eligible for a room or an apartment through UvA Longstay, all applicants must pay the UvA housing fee. This fee is necessary to cover the extra costs that come along with providing postgraduates the advantaged service of an immediate room or flat upon arrival in Amsterdam. The costs that are connected to providing this housing service have to be paid by the users of this service, since these costs cannot legitimately be covered by university funds, as these are meant for academic purposes.


The costs of the housing service has various components.

  • First of all, a large number of flats, in excess of 500, have to be reserved (and rented) from Amsterdam’s housing corporations for the entire calendar year. These flats are serviced by UvA caretakers.
  • Secondly, UvA Longstay has certain running costs that vary from in-house residential assistants to office costs and payment services.
  • Thirdly, the housing fee is required, because it is used to fund all sorts of incidental costs, for example loss of rent due to illness, study results and psychological issues of students.

Please note that the UvA housing fee is not the same as the administration fee. The latter is charged by the housing corporation.