High Priorities

'High Priorities' is a film series about the UvA's research priority areas.

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Quantum computing

We are on the eve of a great revolution in information technology, known as quantum computing. You can find our more about this research priority at the UvA in this edition of High Priorities.

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'High Priorities': The oral ecosystem

The mouth is one of the most personal parts of the human anatomy: we use it to talk, breathe, eat and kiss. It is also one of the most complex human organs, essentially forming an ecosystem. The mouth is the gateway for food that enters the body, but also for bacteria, good and bad, which end up in the intestinal tract or other parts of the body. Little wonder then that the mouth has been linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In other words, the mouth isn’t a solitary organ and its health is essential for the overall health of the entire body.

Onderzoekszwaartepunt , Cultural Heritage and Identity

'High Priorities': What is identity?

How do we construct our identity? The following episode of High Priorities (English subtitles) offers an answer to this question and throws light on the Cultural Heritage and Identity research priority area. The research conducted within this priority area looks at the effects of cultural heritage on the processes of identity creation and vice versa 

'High Priorities': How does our brain make the right choices?

In the first episode of High Priorities, a new film series on the research priority areas of the University of Amsterdam, we delve deeper into the brain. Scientists from the Brain and Cognitive Sciences research priority area talk about research into decision-making. How does our brain make the right choices?

'High Priorities': What do we know about black holes?

In the second episode of High Priorities, a film series on the research priority areas of the University of Amsterdam, the subject of discussion is black holes and gravity. Scientists from the priority area GRAPPA (Gravitation and AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam) talk about the mystique behind these phenomena.

Please note: certain sections of this film are in Dutch. English subtitles will be available shortly.

'High Priorities': What is the importance of international law?

In this third edition of High Priorities, the focus is on international law. Academics from the International Law research priority area clearly explain why it is so important to make arrangements in the case of matters between international players. The conflict in the former Yugoslavia is, among other things, discussed.

Please note: to switch on the subtitles, press ‘CC’ in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

29 June 2017