Research priority area news

From exploring humanity’s biggest questions to producing novel solutions to some of the major challenges of our time: the researchers who form part of the UvA’s research priority areas are at the very forefront of research and innovation.

Yeast cells- Yeast cells-Saccharomyces cerevisiae-C2W

Unknown mechanism discovered for timely cell reproduction

An international team of researchers led by Matteo Barberis of the UvA's Systems Biology research priority area has discovered a mechanism that explains how cells achieve their proper timing of reproduction.

Plasmareactor CIDS

Sino-Dutch partnership in green plasma chemistry

A new project between the UvA’s Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) and Chengdu Development Center for Science and Technology in China, will explore a new method for recycling carbon dioxide. This new Sino-Dutch partnership fits perfectly with the UvA's Sustainable Chemistry research priority area.


QuSoft: new research center for quantum software

QuSoft, the first research center dedicated to quantum software, was recently launched. In addition to investments by Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and VU Amsterdam, QuSoft will receive structural funding through the UvA’s Quantum Matter and Quantum Information research priority area.

New metal-free catalyst for fuel cells

UvA chemists discover a cheap and effective replacement for platinum in fuel cells

Researchers from the UvA’s Sustainable Chemistry research priority area have developed a new material that can replace platinum in the oxygen reduction cathode of fuel cells. Their results were recently published in the journal Chemistry – A European Journal.

Decowski, Patrick

UvA physicist Patrick Decowski among awardees of 2016 Breakthrough Prizes

The 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics was awarded to five experiments investigating neutrino oscillation and will be shared equally among all five. UvA professor Patrick Decowski is among the awardees in his capacity as a team member of the KamLAND collaboration in Japan. Decowski is closely involved in the UvA’s Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA) research priority area.


New invention by UvA researchers promises to clean up precious metals industry

Researchers from the UvA’s Sustainble Chemistry research priority area have discovered a new material that can catalyse the decomposition of cyanide ions in process waste streams. The catalyst has been patented and is attracting widespread interest within the industrial sector.

Lightbulb 'brain'

How the brain represents the world

In his book The Brain’s Representational Power – On Consciousness and the Integration of Modalities UvA neuroscientist Cyriel Pennartz investigates how the sensory qualities we consciously experience can be explained in terms of cognitive processes. Pennartz’s research forms part of the UvA’s Brain and Cognition research priority area.


International action needed to safeguard fresh water supplies

In a co-authored article published in Science. UvA researcher Joyeeta Gupta explains why the management of water resources needs to shift from a local to an international level. As professor of Environment and Development in the Global South, Gupta is closely involved in the UvA’s Urban Studies research priority area.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

3 May 2017