Research themes

The UvA's research priority areas are bundled in seven overarching research themes. By doing so, the UvA will continue to nurture and develop the depth of expertise already present in its traditional fields of inquiry.

This in-depth expertise is a fundamental precondition for enabling students and researchers to engage in the kind of meaningful, coherent and interdisciplinary collaboration that will produce the major research breakthroughs needed to understand and solve the global challenges of our time.

Cognition, Socio-economic Behaviour and Neuroscience

Behavioural Economics

Brain and Cognition

Communication & Information


Information Law

Fundamentals of Natural Science

GRAPPA (Gravitation AstroParticle Physics)

Quantum Matter and Quantum Information

Globalisation, Identity, Inequality and the Urban Environment

Cultural Heritage and Identity

Cultural Transformations & Globalisation

Urban Studies

Human Health

Global Health and Development

Cardiovascular Diseases

Infection and Immunity

Metabolic Diseases

Oral Infections and Inflammation

Oral Regenerative Medicine (Bioengineering)

Sustainable World

Sustainable Chemistry

Systems Biology

Transnational Law & Governance

Corporate Governance

The International Rule of Law

Private and Public European Law

Published by  University of Amsterdam

19 January 2016