UrbanCampsite at Amsterdam Science Park

6 June 2017

In June, July and August, the extraordinary travelling art campsite UrbanCampsite makes its home at Amsterdam Science Park. The theme of this edition is the Art of Tech Living, connecting art, design, architecture, innovation and science. The festive opening of the campsite is Saturday 10 June.

In a high-tech environment, next to the UvA Faculty of Science, UrbanCampsite is an exhibition and temporary ‘mini-society’. The goal is to create an environment where visitors can experience how technology can enrich and sustain our lives. UrbanCampsite aims to connect the widest possible audience with Amsterdam Science Park, changing visitors’ experiences, images of, and attitudes towards the place.

Urban Campsite

Installation TRU by Akko Goldenbeld & Miriam van Eck. c: UrbanCampsite

Unique overnight stays

In total, there are 14 creations from designers and architects, all of which you can sleep in, plus a bathhouse to add to the intensity of the experience. UrbanCampsite offers its guests all the amenities of a normal campsite and more.


UrbanCampsite wants visitors to experience both the location, and the world of art, design and architecture, in a totally new way. The installations reinforce this effect: because you can sleep them, the distance between visitors and the art is eradicated. It’s a rare opportunity to inhabit works by artists, designers and architects such as Joep van Lieshout, Robbert van der Horst, Rob Sweere and Wouter Valkenier – all of whom join in UrbanCampsite’s theme of the Art of Tech Living.

The opening of the UrbanCampsite is Saturday 10 June, 15:00 – 19:00

Source: Amsterdam Science Park/UrbanCampsite

Published by  Faculty of Science